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Institute of CAD and network technology

Institute of CAD and network technology

Institute of CAD and network technology is mainly engaged in computer-aided design technology, computer graphics, network application technology, mechanical research in the field of scientific research, teaching, software development, engineering design, product development work.More than 10 years since its establishment, the institute has completed six international large-scale technical cooperation projects, more than 40 major domestic scientific research projects and more than ten awards, and developed three types of software products with independent copyright ,which has installed in the country more than 10,000 sets. In the domestic and foreign core academic journals, international academic conference papers published more than 400 articles which SCI retrieval more than 30 articles, EI (ISTP) retrieval of more than 80 articles, the preparation of monographs, teaching materials more than ten, more than seventy students has received their doctor’s degree when more than 300 master's degree graduate students come from here.

The specific research contents are as follows: Two-dimensional CAD drawing platform, engineering design management, CAD secondary development, dimensional graphics and motion simulation, digital assembly, PDM product data management, medical image three-dimensional modeling and analysis, realistic three-dimensional scene reconstruction; machine vision, medical image processing Network management, network information security, asset management, network office; conceptual design, virtual design, collaborative design, concurrent engineering, parametric design; complex mechanical design, computer graphics, computer graphics and computer graphics, Large-scale complex mechanical structure strength analysis, reliability design, life-cycle design, modern quality engineering, intelligent optimization design, static and dynamic characteristics of simulation and numerical analysis.

In addition, the institute carried out the secondary development and research work focusing on the mechanical drawing software (AUTO CAD, Solid Works, etc.) in close connection with the needs of national important applications and social production practices, and insisted on the combination of basic theoretical research and applied research. At the same time, oriented to the needs of the country's important applications and regarding the needs of social practice as the foothold, from the perspective of computational science and technology, information collection, information processing, information transmission and information management at all levels, the institute was dedicated to the study of basic science problems of mechanical design drawing software development and production practice of the key technologies, and translate research results into the actual system applications.


Research Field

1、Computer-aided design and drawing

2、 Product physical modeling

3、Graphics and image processing

4、Pattern recognition

5、Computer network application

6、Modern design


Main Achievements

Intelligent Freehand Drawing System SCAD

SCAD supports on-line sketch hand-drawn and can be converted to scaled regular graphics by dimension. SCAD users do not need to learn and memorize drawing commands, as drawing with paper and pen freely when expressing quickly the design intent, so designers can spend more time and effort focusing on engineering and creative work. Research and development of SCAD has used and developed a number of new technologies, such as sketching reconstruction, parametric design, and hand-drawn recognition, which have been included in the national Torch Program and supported by the Hi-Tech Innovation Fund. SCAD as outstanding software products in Liaoning Province has been vigorously promoted in the country, widely used in machinery, electronics, chemicals, water, telecommunications, civil engineering and the design sectors of other trade.

drawing methods of SCAD equipped with a variety of pen input devices

Main features of the system:

? Providing intuitive, efficient and convenient way to track the graphics rendering and edition

? Support the whole process from the concept design to engineering drawings generated

? Support for parametric design

? Recognition of handwritten Chinese character

The techniques of rendering, modeling and lighting based on image

The of techniques rendering, modeling and lighting based on image is a new branch of computer graphics. It realizes the new view's rapid drawing and 3D reconstruction of scene structure by means of sampling, transforming and calculating the pre-collected image data (photos, videos, etc.), which avoids the complex geometric modeling, drawing and calculation and has the advantages of realism, fast operation and less resources. It can be widely used in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, film and television special effects, advertisement and entertainment.。

1、Rendering technology base on image

2、Modeling technology based on un-scalable image


3、lighting technology base on image

Authentication and Identification of Biometric Identity

? Face recognition system in computer and mobile phone


Got the first place in the face group of national Biometrics Algorithm Competition(BAC2005)

? Fingerprint Identification System

Got the first place in the fingerprint group of national Biometrics Algorithm Competition (BAC2005)

? Palm-print Identification

? Iris Identification

Human body three - dimensional modeling and Medical Image Analysis Toolkit

content of National 863 high - tech project content(863-306-2D13-03-6)

got the first prize in Liaoning Province Technology Award in 2005 and in Dalian Technology Award in 2004

Research in Mechanical Technology Related to Ocean Platform, Ship Used for Pipe Laying, Construction of Offshore Oil Pipelines

Our work in this part is mainly about the research on coordinated design of platform lifting device and platform layout, development of large ship for pipe laying and pipe tensioning system, the technology and device for subsea trenching, study and calculation method on the form of the pipeline mechanics. The development of the ship for pipe laying in a project of China Petrochemical Corporation was finished in 2001. Our school takes the work of the design and manufacturing and control of pipe tensioning equipment, stinger system, the shift mooring system and so on.

Pipe tensioner was used in the first domestic pipe laying ship in Shengli Oilfield.

The stinger is in working condition and the pipe is being into the water.


Name: Jianwei Liu

Tel: 0411-84708818

E-mail: smelab@dlut.edu.cn

Address: School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology Linggong Road, High-tech Park District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R. China

Web address: http://www.xinjiangg.com/jgsz3/CADywljsyjs.htm